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Sakeyaki is made from the word 'Sake' which is a Japanese liquor and the song 
'Sukiyaki' which is one of the most famous Japanese songs. When both words combine, everyone can musically celebrate together.


Woods can produce different kinds of sound. From the experiment, different kinds of wood were cut into the same size and shape. When they were hit, they made their own unique sound. From the statement above, this project was made to emphasize the sound uniqueness of various kinds of wood.

Creator / 
Pimsiri Nilkositya

Year / 



It is made from 9 kinds of wood: (Left to right) Ash wood, Pine wood, Acacia wood, Jackfruit wood, Golden teak wood, Teak wood, Shorea wood, Rubber wood, and Makah afzelia. And all of the woods are craved at the bottom to tune into notes, range from C5 to D6, which is the range of musical notes in the song called 'Sukiyaki'. When the ceramic glass is hit on the wood, it will make a musical note.

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