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Sit and Slip-on

Backache is one of the common cases that is found in older people which makes simple tasks in everyday life difficult. Dressing is a task that the elderly requires assistance. Conversely, it is better being done by oneself to remain private space, gain emotional comfort, and build up a sense of pride by dressing independently. 

Sit and Slip-on is an equipment that design for helping ageing people who have backache problems and those who have back pain, such as people who have back pain during post-surgery rehabilitation, to dress independently.

Attaching to user’s comfortable chair, Sit and Slip-on blends in with users’ daily life. Sliding mechanism makes it easy to use and provide a posture that does not require back-bending action at all. Also, this will promote a safe behaviour of dressing in elderhood by dressing on the chair. 

Project Advisor / 

Prof. Praima Israsena

Year / 


1st Runner-up at the Global Student Innovation Challenge for
Assistive Technology 2017 (gSIC-AT 2017) in Design Category, Kobe, Japan

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