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Portion control is one of the way to keep patients with type-2 diabetes maintain blood sugar in a normal level. The habits of eating too much carbohydrate will cause high blood sugar levels. In Asian countries, people eat rice as their biggest portion which contradicts to portion for diabetes patients.

Project Description

Por-Dee is a dinnerware set that will help type-2 diabetes patients control their blood sugar by eating a well-balanced diet. Using a graphic design on dining plates with an optical illusion, Delboeuf illusion (the circle that is surrounded by the smaller ring will appear bigger than the circle surrounded by the farther ring), leads patients to eat in a fit portion. Being a tableware at home, it encourages to form a habit of eating right portion conveniently and creates a positive attitude of portion control.

Project Advisor / 

Prof. Praima Israsena

Year / 


Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 07.30.07.png

​Delboeuf illusion

​Using optical illusion to make the portion of food looks more appealing

There are 3 dishes in a set.

#1 The Portion plate is for controlling portion in each meal which consists of 3 areas: rice, meat, and vegetables in a ratio of 1:1:2.

#2 The Minus plate is for food that should be reduced e.g. sweets which the plate will make it looks bigger.

#3 The Plus plate will make the food looks smaller to encourage for eating what should be eaten e.g. salad.

Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019: Honourable Mention

Statement by the jury:

Por-Dee is a successful implementation of an astounding graphic concept which, in a creative and appealing way, motivates people to keep a healthy diet. 

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